Madonna’s most recent musical effort MDNA, is the first since she decided to part ways with her old record company, Warner Brothers. This new album is also her first with new label Interscope. It’s hard to put a tag on it, after almost 30 years in the recording business, Madonna has delivered one of her most eclectic and personal albums. Even Bedtime Stories, that featured many different producers had a consistent flow, but MDNA deliberately shifts from one genre to another effortlessly, and I think that’s where its richness resides because after all, Madonna has been continuosly changing musical styles throughout her career, so MDNA or Madonna’s DNA as I interpret it, it’s a fantastic title for this album.

MDNA has received favorable reviews from music critics, highlighting it as her best work since Ray of light, although some of the most negative reviews found the album desperate, calculated and cliched. It’s true that Madonna doesn’t want to follow the easy route of other adult contemporary female artists, and she’s currently redefining the looks and behaviour for a 50 year old woman, and in this respect, I think she’s ahead of her time. Many people find this kind of behaviour wrong for a woman of her age, but I give her props for sticking to what she wants to do and for basically giving the middle finger to society.

Madonna has been criticized this time also for not properly promoting the album. For the first time she did alternative promotion as facebook and twitter chats, and only one televised performance at the Superbowl. She avoided doing the TV show rounds and even the mini promotional tours she had done with past releases. As a result MDNA hasn’t yet delivered a global smash hit and is currently falling fast on the charts.

On the bright side, MDNA hit number one on Billboard on its debut week with sales of 359,ooo copies, and it’s her 8th number one album in the USA.  Whether or not MDNA can develop some legs with further releases and the soon-to-begin MDNA Tour, it ranks as one of Madonna’s most interesting albums, showing that after all this time she still has a lot of expressing herself to do.

Worldwide positions & Sales

Argentina: #1
Australia: #1 (Gold)

Austria: #3
Belgium (Flanders: #1
Belgium (Wallonia): #3

Brazil: #1 (Platinum)
Canada: #1

Croatia: #1
Czech republic: #1
Denmark: #2
Finland: #1
France: #2

Germany: #3 (Gold)
Greece: #1
Hong Kong: #1
Hungary: #1

India: #1 (Gold)
Ireland: #1
Israel: #1
Italy: #1 (Gold)

Japan: #4 (Gold)
Lebanon: #1
Mexico: #1
Netherlands: #1

New Zealand: #3
Norway: #2
Poland: #1
Portugal: #2 (Gold)

Russia: #1 (2xPlatinum)
Scotland: #1
Singapore: #1
Slovenia: #7
South Korea: #4
Spain: #1 (Gold)

Sweden: #1
Switzerland: #2
Taiwan: #6
Thailand: #1
UK: #1

USA: #1

Producers: Madonna/William Orbit/Martin Solveig/Alle & Benny Benassi/
Demolition Crew/Indiigo/Klas Åhlund

1. GIRL GONE WILD (Madonna/Jenson Vaughan/Alle & Benny Benassi)
2. GANGBANG (Madonna/William Orbit/Priscilla Hamilton/Keith Harris/Jean-Baptiste/Mika/Stephen Kozmeniuk)
3. I’M ADDICTED (Madonna/Alle & Benny Benassi)
4. TURN UP THE RADIO (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Michael Tordjman/Jade Williams)
5. GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN Feat. NICKI MINAJ & M.I.A. (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Nicki Minaj/M.I.A./Michael Tordjman)
6. SOME GIRLS (Madonna/William Orbit/Klas Åhlund)
7. SUPERSTAR (Madonna/Indiigo/Michael Malih)
8. I DON’T GIVE A Feat. NICKI MINAJ (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Nicki Minaj/Julien Jabre)
9. I’M A SINNER (Madonna/William Orbit/Jean-Baptiste)
10. LOVE SPENT (Madonna/William Orbit/Jean-Baptiste/Hamilton/Ryan Buendia/Michael McHenry/Alain Whyte)
11. MASTERPIECE (Madonna/Julie Frost/Jimmy Harry)
12. FALLING FREE ( Madonna/William Orbit/Joe Henry/Laurie Mayer/
13. BEAUTIFUL KILLER (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Michael Tordjman)*
14. I FUCKED UP (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Julien Jabre)*
15. B-DAY SONG Feat. M.I.A. (Madonna/Martin Solveig/M.I.A.)*
16. BEST FRIEND (Madonna/Alle & Benny Benassi)*
17.  GIVE ME ALL YOUR LUVIN (PARTY ROCK REMIX) Feat. NICKI MINAJ & LMFAO (Madonna/Martin Solveig/Nicki Minaj/M.I.A./Michael Tordjman)*
18. LOVE SPENT (ACOUSTIC) (Madonna/William Orbit/Jean-Baptiste/Hamilton/Ryan Buendia/Michael McHenry/Alain Whyte)**

* Available in the Deluxe Edition
** I-Tunes pre-order only 

US Chart Run:

Release date: March 23, 2012

Debut date: April 14, 2012
Debut position: #1
Peak position: #1 (1 week)
Final week on chart: June 9, 2012
Number of weeks on Billboard 200: 9 weeks
Soundscan Debut: 359,369
Soundscan sales: 484,000 (07/10/2012)
Not certified yet

Chart run in 2012: 1-8-18-34-45-65-77-81-105-off (9 weeks)

TOP CURRENT ALBUMS: 1-8-18-33-43-60-72-76-94-154-168-196-off-167- (13 weeks)
TOP DIGITAL ALBUMS: 1-9-off (2 weeks)
DANCE/ELECTRONIC ALBUMS: 1-1-1-1-2-5-4-5-5-9-9-9-17-5- (14 weeks)
TOP INTERNET ALBUMS: 1-1-4-12-12-19-off (6 weeks) 

UK Chart run:

Release date: March 23, 2012
Debut date: April 7, 2012
Debut position: #1
Peak position: #1 (1 week)
Final week on chart: June 16, 2012
Number of weeks: 11 weeks
Not certified yet

Chart run in 2012: 1-7-13-13-28-38-39-36-56-50-59-off (11 weeks)


Debut date: April 14, 2012
Debut position: #1 (740,000 copies)
Peak position: #1 (1 week)
Final week on chart: June 16, 2012
Number of weeks: 10 weeks
Not certified yet

Chart run in 2012: 1-3-5-8-9-14-15-25-29-39-off (10 weeks)

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