Bedtime stories-1994

Madonna-Bedtime stories

At this point in her career, Madonna had already displayed an amazing ability to captivate and entice audiences with her provocative image, the catchiest pop songs, top-notch music videos and very charismatic live performances, and every new release had her exploring and creating a new controversy. After the Erotica album, the Sex book and Body of evidence, Madonna was discussed all over the media but not in a very good way. So for her sixth studio album, the Queen of Pop decided to stay away from controversy, covered herself up and released an R&B oriented album.

Faithful to her style, she surprised us again with this new direction in her music, and for the first time in years, she collaborated with a string of well known producers, opposed to going for more underground, unknown producers as she had done in her previos records (except for Madonna and Like a virgin). Among these producers were Dallas Austin, Babyface, Dave Hall and Nellee Hooper.

Bedtime stories became a really confessional album, where Madonna deals with her views on romance, her mother, and many songs reflect her feelings toward the media and all the backlash she experienced the previous two years. On the contrary of Erotica, Bedtime stories doesn’t have big dancey tracks, most of the songs are mid-tempo, featuring R&B beats, a lot of hip-hop sampling and a few ballads. The album was well received and had very favorable reviews by critics, showing yet another side of her multifaceted talents. It also received a nomination for Best Pop Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards.

In spite of the suceess of Secret, the first single, it made its debut and peak at number 3, becoming her fourth consecutive record to miss the top spot. Selling 145,000 copies on the first week, it started free-falling on the charts the following weeks, it wasn’t until the release of the second single, Take a bow, that Bedtime stories became stable on the charts, eventually spending almost a year on the Billboard 200. It sold over 6 million copies worldwide and was certified 3xPlatinum by the R.I.A.A.

Worldwide positions & Sales

Australia: #1
Austria: #7 (Gold)
Belgium (Wallonia): #29
Canada: #7 (2xPlatinum)

France: #2 (2xGold)
Germany: #4 (Platinum)

Hungary: #7
Italy: #2
Japan: #9
Netherlands: #13
New Zealand: #5
Portugal: #2
Spain: #5 (Platinum)

Sweden: #5
Switzerland: #7 (Gold)
UK: #2 (Platinum)
USA: #3 (3xPlatinum)

Producers: Madonna/Nellee Hooper/Dallas Austin/Dave Hall/Babyface

1. SURVIVAL (Madonna/Dallas Austin)
2. SECRET (Madonna/Dallas Austin/Shep Pettibone)
3. I’D RATHER BE YOUR LOVER (Madonna/Dave Hall/Isley Brothers/Christopher Jasper)
4. DON’T STOP (Madonna/Dallas Austin/Colin Wolfe)
5. INSIDE OF ME (Madonna/Dave Hall/Nelee Hooper)
6. HUMAN NATURE (Madonna/Dave Hall/Shawn McKenzie/Kevin McKenzie/Michel Deering)
7. FORBIDDEN LOVE (Madonna/Babyface)
8. LOVE TRIED TO WELCOME ME (Madonna/Dave Hall)
9. SANCTUARY (Madonna/Dallas Austin/Anne Preven/Scott Cutler/Herbie Hancock)
10. BEDTIME STORY (Nellee Hooper/Björk/Marius De Vries)
11. TAKE A BOW (Madonna/Babyface)

US Chart Run

Release date: October 25, 1994
Debut date: November 12, 1994
Debut position: #3
Peak position: #3 (1 week)
Final week on chart: October 7, 1995
Number of weeks on Billboard 200: 48 weeks
Soundscan Debut: 145,000
Soundscan sales: 2,309,000 (08/14/2009)
Certified 3xPlatinum by the RIAA

Chart run in 1994: 3-7-16-24-33-24-16-20- (8 weeks)
Chart run in 1995: 19-19-17-16-17-17-13-15-14-15-18-17-21-21-30-32-38-43-44-48-51-56-55-51-56-62-66-80-87-84-98-103-111-127-140-146-156-152-176-199-off (40 weeks/48 weeks total)

Debut date: November 5, 1994
Debut position: #2
Peak position: #2 (1 week)
Final week on chart: April 22, 1995
Number of weeks in the Official UK Albums Chart: 27 weeks
Certified Platinum (300,000 copies) 

Chart run in 1994: 2-4-9-13-18-18-16-17-13- (9 weeks)
Chart run in 1995: 15-16-15-15-23-27-31-32-34-37-47-57-57-62-68-75-off (16 weeks/25 weeks total)
Chart run in 1998: 27-60-off (2 weeks/27 weeks total)

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