You can dance-1987

Madonna’s first remix album, featuring remixes from previous tracks from her first three albums, was a bit revolutionary at the time of its release. The first of its kind, Madonna presented a collection of some greatest hits and other album tracks in a remixed form, and being already the queen of dance music, it was very well received, and in a way its popularity helped surface many other dance acts into the mainstream. “You can dance” only featured a new song, “Spotlight”, a leftover from the True blue sessions, and even though it may sound a bit dated today, it’s a wonderful testimony for the evolution of dance music of the 80’s.

“You can dance” was also a hit commercially, selling over one million copies in the US alone and obtaining a Platinum certification. Worldwide  it sold over 5 million copies, becoming the best selling remix album of all time, but eventually was surpassed by “Blood on the dance floor” by Michael Jackson.

Worldwide positions

Australia: #13 (PLATINUM)
Austria: #13
Canada: #11
European Top 100 Albums: #6
France: #2 (Platinum)
Germany: #13 (GOLD)
Italy: #1
Japan: #5
Norway: #5
Netherlands: #6 (GOLD)
New Zealand: #4 (PLATINUM) 
Spain: #16 (PLATINUM)
Sweden: #10 (GOLD)
Switzerland: #11

Producers: Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Stephen Bray

1. SPOTLIGHT (Madonna/Stephen Bray/Curtis Hudson)
2. HOLIDAY (Curtis Hudson/Lisa Stevens)
3. EVERYBODY (Madonna) 
5. OVER AND OVER (Madonna/Stephen Bray)
6. INTO THE GROOVE (Madonna/Stephen Bray)
7. WHERE’S THE PARTY (Madonna/Stephen Bray/Patrick Leonard)
8. HOLIDAY (Dub version)
9. INTO THE GROOVE (Dub version)
10. WHERE’S THE PARTY (Dub version) 

US Chart Run

Release date: November 18, 1987
Debut date: December 5, 1987
Debut position: #87
Peak position: #14
Final week on chart: April 30, 1988

Number of weeks on Billboard 200 Albums:  22 weeks

Chart run in 1987: 87-34-23-19 (4 weeks)
Chart run in 1988: 19-17-17-14-16-19-21-30-37-48-63-79-93-101-111-138-135-191-off (18 weeks/22 weeks Total) 

UK Chart Run

Debut date: November 28, 1987
Debut position: #5
Peak position: #5

Final week on chart: February 27, 1988
Number of weeks on the UK Albums chart:  14 weeks

Chart run in 1987: 5-8-11-19-18 (5 weeks)
Chart run in 1988:  18-12-25-34-39-50-53-70-78-off (9 weeks/14 weeks Total) 

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