Who’s that girl-1987

Madonna’s first soundtrack album, featuring four songs from the movie of the same name, along other lesser known acts, became her vehicle to stay on the charts and to take the road again, with the consecuent tour of the same name also. Not technically a full Madonna album, as only four of the nine tracks are performed by her, but being her movie and her only face on the cover, it is regarded as one. Without a hint of controversy, “Who’s that girl” follows the same style of Madonna’s previous album “True blue”, but overall the quality of the songs feels somewhat diminished. The album was a success on the charts, becoming her fourth Top 10 Album and earning a Platinum certification, and selling around 5 million copies worldwide.  Also the two singles released from the soundtrack both reached the Top 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Worldwide positions

Australia: #24 (GOLD)
Austria: #5
Canada: #4
European Top 100 Albums: #1 
France: #2 (2xPlatinum)
Germany: #1 (GOLD)
Italy: #2
Japan: #10
Norway: #2
Netherlands: #2 (GOLD)
New Zealand: #6 (GOLD) 
Spain: #4 (PLATINUM)
Sweden: #4
Switzerland: #4

Producers: Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Stephen Bray

1. WHO’S THAT GIRL (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
2. CAUSING A COMMOTION (Madonna/Stephen Bray)
3. THE LOOK OF LOVE (Madonna/Patrick Leonard) 
4. 24 HOURS (Mary Kessler, Joey Wilson) 
5. STEP BY STEP (Jay King, Denzil Foster, Thomas McElroy, David Agent)
6. TURN IT UP (Michael Davidson, Frederic Mercier)
7. BEST THING EVER (Green Gartside, David Gamson)
8. CAN’T STOP (Madonna/Sthepen Bray)
9. EL COCO LOCO (Coati Mundi Hernandez) 

US Chart Run

Release date: July 21, 1987
Debut date: August 15, 1987
Debut position: #46
Number of weeks on Billboard 200 Albums:  28 weeks

Chart run in 1987: 46-13-12-8-7-7-11-11-14-14-24-25-34-38-50-60-69-75-89-105 (20 weeks)
Chart run in 1988: 105-106-110-158-172-193-199-192-off (8 weeks/28 weeks Total) 

UK Chart Run

Debut date: August 1, 1987
Debut position: #4
Number of weeks on the UK Albums chart:  25 weeks

Chart run in 1987: 4-5-5-5-5-7-11-15-16-19-28-33-38-34-42-56-65-70-91-91-90-86 (22 weeks)
Chart run in 1988:  96-64-92-off (3 weeks/25 weeks Total) 

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