The Immaculate Collection-1990

Just in time to round up an impressive year in Madonna’s career, her first retrospective of her greatest hits was released right before the holiday season. The tittle, a tongue-in-cheek statement for the Immaculate Conception, along with the artwork, the hits selected plus the new songs featured in it, make up a great package, and the people has responded to it with great passion. This record stands as Madonna’s best seller ever, having shipped over 10 million copies in the US alone, and in the range of 25-27 million worldwide, it remains as the best selling greatest hits compilation by a female artist ever. In the UK it’s among the top 10 best selling albums of all time and until 2011, it had the record for most weeks at number one (9 in total, a record Adele has since surpassed). Unfortunately in the US it was kept from the top stop by Vanilla Ice, giving Madonna her second consecutive number 2 album.

The tracklisting is comprised of 15 Madonna hits starting from Holiday (1983) to Vogue (1990), plus two new songs. Sadly there were a few hits that were left outside due to space, (Madonna had so many hits in the 80’s that there wasn’t enough room for everyone). Songs like Angel, Dress you up, True blue, Who’s that girl, Caussing a commotion, all of them Top 5 hits, didin’t make the final cut. To make up for that loss, an EP was released in the Uk called “The Holiday Collection” that featured those last 3 songs plus Holiday.

Worldwide positions & Sales

Australia: #1 (11xPlatinum)
Austria: #6 (Platinum)
Canada: #1 (7xPlatinum)
Finland: #6 (2xPlatinum)
France: #4 (Diamond)

Germany: #10 (3xGold)
Hungary: #6
Italy: #2
Japan: #5
Norway: #5
Netherlands: #5 (3xPlatinum)
New Zealand: #3 (7xPlatinum)
Spain: #5 (3xPlatinum)
Sweden: #8 (Gold)
Switzerland: #3 (Platinum)
UK: #1 (12xPlatinum)
USA: #2 (Diamond)

Producers: Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Stephen Bray/Reggie Lucas/
Nile Rodgers/John “Jellybean” Benitez/Shep Pettibone/Lenny Kravitz

1. HOLIDAY (Curtis Hudson/Lisa Stevens)
2. LUCKY STAR (Madonna)
3. BORDERLINE (Reggie Lucas)
4. LIKE A VIRGIN (Tom Kelly/Billy Steinberg)
5. MATERIAL GIRL (Peter Brown/Robert Rams)
6. CRAZY FOR YOU (John Bettis/Jon Lind)
7. INTO THE GROOVE (Madonna/Stephen Bray)
8. LIVE TO TELL (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
9. PAPA DON’T PREACH (Brian Elliot/add. lyrics by Madonna)
10. OPEN YOUR HEART (Madonna/Gardner Cole/Peter Rafelson)
11. LA ISLA BONITA (Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Bruce Gaitsch)
12. LIKE A PRAYER (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
13. EXPRESS YOURSELF (Madonna/Stephen Bray)
14. CHERISH (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
 (Madonna/Shep Pettibone)
16. JUSTIFY MY LOVE (Lenny Kravitz/Ingrid Chavez/Add. lyrics by Madonna)
17. RESCUE ME (Madonna/Shep Pettibone) 

US Chart Run


Release date: November 13, 1990
Debut date: December 1, 1990
Debut position: #32
Peak position: #2 (2 weeks)
Final week on chart: September 25, 1993
Number of weeks on Billboard 200 Albums: 141 weeks

Chart run in 1990: 32-12-5-3-3 (5 weeks)
Chart run in 1991: 3-3-3-2-2-3-3-7-9-10-12-12-14-17-17-19-24-25-26-34-33-29-22-25-30-38-38-37-43-47-44-42-46-48-48-47-55-56-57-64-72-78-78-84-79-76-73-72-79-76-76 (52 weeks/57 weeks total)

Chart run in 1992: 76-69-71-69-75-75-79-83-86-83-92-93-98-104-105-104-103-98-95-104-107-109-103-105-100-102-96-102-96-102-93-87-94-92-95-100-101-98-108-108-104-114-113-114-117-114-109-122-125-119-119-122-120-114 (52 weeks/109 weeks)

Chart run in 1993: 117-116-105-119-122-113-119-136-138-140-156-154-165-144-163-156-154-152-160-168-172-174-181-192-191-192-198-off- (27 weeks/136 weeks)

Re-entry 08/28/1993: 181-193-195-199-196-off (5 weeks/141 weeks)


Debut 03/26/1995: 26-22-20-19-26-28-26-27-25-31-28-29-29-31-31-30-34-32-36-28-28-23-32-36-33-31-26-26-27-22-26-24-28-34-31-42-off (36 weeks)

Re-entry 01/13/1996: 49-28-28-23-25-29-27-35-29-31-37-36-35-39-40-36-32-27-30-34-34-32-37-37-41-31-33-36-35-36-40-37-40-37-39-50-44-off-off-off-50-off-40-38-49-off (41 weeks/77 weeks total)

Re-entry 01/18/1997: 42-45-45-43-45 (5 weeks/82 weeks total)

Re-entry 03/14/1998: 48-13-21-22-34-37-40-38-45-46-47-off (11 weeks/93 weeks total)

 Re-entry 07/18/1998: 50-off-off-49-off-off-30-18-29-31-33-34-33-32-36-33-35-33-46-off (15 weeks/108 weeks total)

Re-entry 01/16/1999: 41-33-30-42-43-43-off-39-35-35-35-38-42-40-41-34-39-41-45-35-36-35-39-off-off-38-41-34-42-35-43-44-35-31-32-33-33-30-43-48-off-50-off (38 weeks/146 weeks total)

Re-entry 01/15/2000: 40-26-34-40-45-42-44-40-37-34-35-36-40-43-41-38-48-45-45-off (19 weeks/165 weeks total)

Re-entry 07/08/2000: 49-46-off-47-off-off-43-41-43-43-35-33-31-18-22-29-31-32-36-40-off (17 weeks/182 weeks total)

Re-entry 01/13/2001: 48-29-43-45-off-off-off-off-50-off (5 weeks/187 weeks total)

Re-entry 06/02/2001: 50-50-off-off-off-off-42-25-38-31-26-22-27-29-17-8-18-30-35-41-off (16 weeks/203 weeks total)

Re-entry 11/24/2001: 43-11-37-off-off-49-38-20-16-16-15-19-33-31-38-27-45-off-44-off-off-off-off-44-24-13-15-13-16-25-22-30-22-23-19-22-27-27-36-36-45-50-off-off-off-45-39-43-45-45-48-46-off (42 weeks/245 weeks total)

Re-entry 05/10/2003: 35-34-33-36-43-39-50-off-36-41-32-29-21-34-38-36-35-48-26-25-32-31-33-29-30-32-30-31-off (27 weeks/272 weeks total)

Re-entry 01/17/2004: 39-35-41-48-49-off (5 weeks/277 weeks total)

Re-entry 05/01/2004: 46-off (1 week/278 weeks total)

Re-entry 09/24/2005: 47-off (1 week/279 weeks total)


Debut date: November 24, 1990
Debut position: #1
Peak position: #1 (9 weeks)
Number of weeks in the Official UK Albums Chart: 213 weeks

Chart run in 1990: 1-1-1-1-1-1 (6 weeks)
Chart run in 1991: 1-1-1-2-4-5-5-7-10-4-11- 7-8-8-11- 10-12-13-13-13-19-22-21-23-23-23-15-14-11-12- 3-6-9-10-10-8-9-11-14-19-22-29-37-36-37-43-45-46-50-48-49-50 (52 weeks/58 weeks total)
Chart run in 1992: 41-31-35-39-40-46-42-44-40-50-53-49-57-72-70-off-67-69-off-70-71-66-70-74-71-67-61-75-69-54-60-63-71-62-62-55-46-65-off-74-off-75-55-64-67-off-off-off-off-73-61-74 (44 weeks/102 weeks total)
Chart run in 1993:  69-75-off (2 weeks/104 weeks total)
Re-entry 03/20/1993:  57-67-63-70-off (4 weeks/108 weeks total)
Re-entry 05/22/1993:  59-off (1 week/109 weeks total)
Re-entry 10/02/1993:  75-71-off (2 weeks/111 weeks total)
Re-entry 04/30/1994:  37-23-26-35-40-39-38-53-off (8 weeks/119 weeks total)
Re-entry 09/17/1994:  57-39-48-45-51-54-64-49-71-off (9 weeks/128 weeks total)
Re-entry 01/07/1995:  41-42-51-59-off (4 weeks/132 weeks total)
Re-entry 04/29/1995:  54-56-62-54-66-off-71-off (6 weeks/138 weeks total)
Re-entry 07/29/1995:  64-70-73-off (3 weeks/141 weeks total)
Re-entry 05/17/1997:  69-off (1 week/142 weeks total)
Re-entry 03/21/1998:  65-55-68-off (3 weeks/145 weeks total)
Re-entry 08/22/1998:  75-67-off (2 weeks/147 weeks total)
Re-entry 07/31/1999: 75-off-69-65-58-65-off (5 weeks/152 weeks total)
Re-entry 04/15/2000:  64-67-off (2 weeks/154 weeks total)
Re-entry 06/03/2000:  41-32-48-off (3 weeks/157 weeks total)
Re-entry 09/09/2000:  45-35-30-8-19-27-40-45-62-off (9 weeks/166 weeks total)
Re-entry 01/06/2001:  49-58-off (2 weeks/168 weeks total)
Re-entry 06/02/2001:  65-45-43-52-44-21-25-37-51-61-63-68-65-69-off (14 weeks/182 weeks total)
Re-entry 11/24/2001:  63-71-off-67-74-off (4 weeks/186 weeks total)
Re-entry 06/16/2002:  62-off (1 week/187 weeks total)
Re-entry 10/05/2002:  23-52-off-72-off (3 weeks/190 weeks total)
Re-entry 01/11/2003:  60-73-60-58-73-off-off-54-41-41-58-off-off-off-75-64-54-61-58-71-59-73-off (17 weeks/207 weeks total)
Re-entry 08/07/2004:  62-42-43-40-46-68-off (6 weeks/213 weeks total)
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  2. Rescue me «

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