Something to remember-1995

Madonna-Something to remember

It’s hard to believe that only 3 years after she gave us Erotica, Madonna was delivering the album “Something to remember”. Right after she was cast as Eva Perón in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical in March 1995, her inmediate plans for a tour supporting Bedtime Stories were scrapped, and instead  this all ballad Greatest Hits compilation was given green light, to capitalize on the sucess of  her most recent ballads. It was a great success on the charts, selling over eight million copies worldwide and certified triple platinum in the USA.

Three new songs were recorded with the help of David Foster, a very well established ballad producer, and Massive Attack that produced Madonna’s take on Marvin Gaye’s “I want you”. The rest of the album was compiled from Madonna’s ballad catalogue ranging  from 1985 until 1994. It also featured songs included in any Madonna album for the first time, like “I’ll remember” and “This used to be my playground”. Placing these songs together in another context and without chronological order, certainly gives them a new life and sometimes it feels like it could well be a concept album of all new material.

Something to remember was the final step in softening Madonna’s image for her next film role as Evita, and the concept for this compilation was to focus on the importance in the music, not the image or other controversial tactics. Madonna says herself on the liner notes:
“So much controversy has swirled around my career this past decade that very little attention gets paid to my music. The songs are all but forgotten. While I have no regrets regarding the choices I’ve made artistically, I’ve learned to appreciate the idea of doing things in a simpler way. So without any fanfare, without any distractions, I present to you this collection of ballads. Some are old, some are new. All of them are from my heart”.

Worldwide positions & Sales

Australia: #1 (4xPlatinum)
Austria: #1 (Platinum)
Belgium (Wallonia): #4
Belgium (Flanders): #9
Brazil: #1 (Platinum)
Canada: #4 (2xPlatinum)

Finland: #1 (2xPlatinum)
France: #6 (2xGold)
Germany: #2 (Platinum)

Hungary: #2
Italy: #1
Japan: #9
Netherlands: #19 (Platinum)
New Zealand: #8 (Platinum)
Portugal: #2
Norway: #6
Spain: #6 (Gold)

Sweden: #3 (Platinum)
Switzerland: #3 (Platinum)
UK: #3 (3xPlatinum)
USA: #6 (3xPlatinum)

Producers: Madonna/Nellee Hooper/David Foster

1. I WANT YOU (With Massive Attack) (Leon Ware/T-Boy Ross)
2. I’LL REMEMBER (Madonna/Richard Page/Patrick Leonard)
3. TAKE A BOW (Madonna/Babyface)
4. YOU’LL SEE (Madonna/David Foster)
5. CRAZY FOR YOU (John Bettis/Jon Lind)
6. THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND (Madonna/Shep Pettibone)
7. LIVE TO TELL (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
8. LOVE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (Remix) (Miles Gregory)
9. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
10. FORBIDDEN LOVE (Madonna/Babyface)
11. ONE MORE CHANCE (Madonna/David Foster)
12. RAIN (Madonna/Shep Pettibone)
13. OH FATHER  (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
 14. I WANT YOU (Orchestral) (Leon Ware/T-Boy Ross)
15. LA ISLA BONITA (Madonna/Bruce Gaitsch/Patrick Leonard)*
16. VERÁS (Madonna/David Foster/Paz Martínez) **

* Japanese Bonus track
** Latin America Bonus Track 


Release date: November 7, 1995
Debut date: November 25, 1995
Debut position: #6
Peak position: #6 (1 week)
Final week on chart: July 6, 1996
Number of weeks on Billboard 200: 34 weeks
Soundscan Debut: 110,000
Soundscan sales: 2,086,000 (08/14/2009)
Certified 3xPlatinum by the RIAA

Chart run in 1995: 6-13-15-15-14-16- (6 weeks)
Chart run in 1996: 15-14-13-14-14-17-22-22-28-31-37-46-54-62-78-81-75-75-85-98-104-108-117-128-156-163-182-194-off (28 weeks/34 weeks total)


Debut date: November 18, 1995
Debut position: #3
Peak position: #3 (1 week)
Final week on chart: June 1, 1996
Number of weeks in the Official UK Albums Chart: 29 weeks
Sales: 1,040,000
Certified 3xPlatinum

Chart run in 1995: 3-4-4-6-6-6-7- (7 weeks)
Chart run in 1996: 7-6-7-8-7-11-22-24-27-29-34-39-35-39-39-46-44-51-65-68-70-75-off (22 weeks/29 weeks total)

Alternative back cover

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