I’m Breathless-1990

1990 was a very busy year for Madonna. Just after the last single for Like a prayer left the charts, here she was starting a whole new era with a new tour (The Blonde Ambition Tour), new movie (Dick Tracy) and a new album, I’m Breathless. While it can’t be counted as one of her studio albums, it’s neither a soundtrack album, as only three tracks belong to the film “Dick Tracy”. The rest of the remaining nine tracks are “inspired” by the film, that is featuring an eclectic range of Broadway type jazz and big band instrumentation, as well as the closing track “Vogue” which is more dance and house oriented. So overall is a concept album, where Madonna mostly sings like the character in the movie “Breathless Mahoney” thus the name of the album. This one includes the Academy Award and Golden Globe winner “Sooner or later”.

Doing this type of record in one of the biggest peaks of her career was a bold and brave move from Madonna, not every pop star could pull off an album of this material, in fact, I can’t think of another current pop star who’d be able to do it in a convincing form like Madonna did. Not only does her voice sounds stronger than ever but it actually showscases another side of her talent and shows an interest for growing artistically and exploring other genres by leaving her confort zone. It is certainly a standout in her catalog and a great example of Madonna’s artistry. On the charts did pretty well considering the musical genre, selling over 2 million copies in the US alone, spending  11 weeks at the Top 10 and peaking at number 2. It was kept from the number one position by M.C. Hammer.

Worldwide positions & Sales

Australia: #1
Austria: #5 (Gold)
Brazil: #1 (Gold)
Canada: #2 (2xPlatinum)
France: #3 (2xGold)
Germany: #1 (Gold)
Hungary: #19
Italy: #2
Japan: #1
Norway: #4
Netherlands: #8 (Gold)
New Zealand: #2
Spain: #2 (2xPlatinum)
Sweden: #4
Switzerland: #3 (Gold)
UK: #2 (2xPlatinum)
USA: #2 (2xPlatinum)

Producers: Madonna/Patrick Leonard/Bill Botrell/Kevin Gilbert

1. HE’S A MAN (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
2. SOONER OR LATER (Stephen Sondheim)
3. HANKY PANKY (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
4. I’M GOING BANANAS (Michael Kernan/Andy Paley)
5. CRY BABY (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
6. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
7. BACK IN BUSINESS (Madonna/Patrick Leonard)
8. MORE (Stephen Sondheim)
9. WHAT CAN YOU LOSE With Mandy Patinkin (Stephen Sondheim)
10. NOW, I’M FOLLOWING YOU I With Warren Beatty (Paley/Jeff Lass/Ned Claflin/Jonathan Paley)
11. NOW, I’M FOLLOWING YOU II With Warren Beatty (Paley/Lass/Claflin/Paley)
12. VOGUE (Madonna/Shep Pettibone) 

US Chart Run

Release date: May 22, 1990
Debut date: June 9, 1990
Debut position: #44
Peak position: #2 (3 weeks)
Final week on chart: November 24, 1990
Number of weeks on Billboard 200 Albums: 25 weeks

Chart run in 1990: 44-3-2-3-3-3-2-2-4-5-8-9-11-15-20-25-34-45-63-71-81-102-110-124-192-off (25 weeks)

UK Chart Run

Debut date: June 2, 1990
Debut position: #2
Peak position: #2 (1 week)
Number of weeks on the UK Albums chart: 20 weeks

Chart run in 1990: 2-3-6-11-14-12-14-11- 5-3-2-4-7-13-15-18-26-37-50-61-off (20 weeks)

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