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(Written by Eddie Cooley/John Davenport. Producer: Madonna/Shep Pettibone)
Released by Maverick Records in March 22, 1993

Found in:
Erotica (1992)

Certification: None 

Live performances:
Saturday Night Live (1993)
The Arsenio Hall Show (1993)
The Girlie Show (1993) 


Hot Dance Music/Club Play
Debut date: April 3, 1993
Peak date: May 15, 1993
Final week on chart: June 6, 1993
Peak: #1 (1 week)
Chart run: 36-20-11-8-5-2-1-10-14-17-32-off (11 weeks)

Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales
(Charted as Fever/Bad Girl)
Debut date: April 3, 1993
Peak date: April 24-May 1, 1993
Final week on chart: May 29, 1993
Peak: #1 (2 weeks)
Chart run: 11-4-3-1-1-3-10-22-40-off (9 weeks)

UK Singles
Debut date: April 3, 1993
Peak date: April 3, 1993
Certification: None
Peak position: #6
Final week on chart: May 8, 1993
Chart run: 6-7-18-30-50-72-off (6 weeks)

Rest of the world

Australia: #51
Belgium (Flanders): #22
Finland: #1
France: #31
Ireland: #6
Italy: #12
Japan: #7

“Fever” is Madonna’s 36th single and fourth single from the album “Erotica” in Europe, as it wasn’t released as a single in the United States, where it served as B-single to “Bad girl”, but featuring remixes on the maxi single, allowing it to appear on the Dance Charts. This is a special case in Madonna’s catalog, because at the time this was only her second cover she had ever done, the first one being the cover of Rose Royce’s “Love don’t live here anymore”, included in “Like a virgin”. Apparently “Fever” was added at the last minute and was the last recording of the Erotica sessions, but Madonna liked it so much she decided to give it a go, even though she’s not very fond of doing covers of other artists.

Fever did reasonably well on the charts, reaching the Top 10 in the UK and topping the Dance Club Play Chart, becoming the 15th number one single in that chart. In the playful and colorful music video directed by Stephane Sednaoui, she appears as a redhead for the first time and completely covered in silver painting. Madonna gave memorable performance of Fever in The Girlie Show, as she sings the last verse “what a lovely way to burn” she disappears from the stage with two dancers completely surrounded by fire. She also gave a magnificent rendition with a live band at the Arsenio Hall Show in 1993.

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