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This used to be my playground

(Written by Madonna/Shep Pettibone. Producer: Madonna/Shep Pettibone)
Released by Sire Records on June 16, 1992

Found in:
Barcelona Gold (1992)
Something to remember (1995)

(500,000 copies)
Soundscan: 870,900 copies (06/2006)
Downloads:  42,850 (11/02/2008)  

Live performances:


Billboard Hot 100
Debut Date: July 4, 1992
Peak date: August 8, 1992
Final week on chart: November 14, 1991
Peak: #1 (1 week)
Chart run: 35-17-7-2-2-1-3-3-4-5-11-15-22-30-42-57-59-68-73-88-off (20 weeks)

BILLBOARD HOT 100: (August 8, 1992)
#1 “This used to be my playground” MADONNA (6 weeks/4 weeks at Top 10/1 week at #1)
#2  “Baby got back” SIR MIX-A-LOT
#3 “Baby Baby Baby” TLC
#4 “End of the road” BOYZ II MEN
#5  ”November rain” GUNS N’ ROSES
#6 ”Achy Breaky Heart” BILLY RAY CYRUS
#7 “Just another day” JON SECADA 
#8 ”Life is a highway” TOM COCHRANE
#9 “Giving him something he can feel” EN VOGUE
#10 “Too funky” GEORGE MICHAEL

Hot 100 Single Sales
Debut date: July 11, 1992
Peak date: August 8, 1992
Final week on chart: January 16, 1993
Peak: #3
Chart run:
 34-10-6-4-3-5-6-6-8-8-10-12-15-19-24-31-37-38-50-54-60-56-63-61-61-62-66-69-off (28 weeks)

Hot 100 Airplay
Debut date: July 4, 1992
Peak date: July 25, 1992
Final week on chart: October 10, 1992
Peak: #2
Chart run: 14-8-7-2-3-3-3-3-7-12-21-27-44-53-74-off (15 weeks)

Adult Contemporary
Debut date: July 4, 1992
Peak date: August 15-22, 1992
Final week on chart: November 14, 1992
Peak: #4 (2 weeks)
Chart run: 31-18-15-13-11-5-4-4-5-6-8-8-14-16-25-38-43-46-46-47-off (20 weeks)

Hot Dance Music/Club Play

Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales

UK Singles
Debut date: July 25, 1992
Peak date: August 1-8, 1992
Certification: Silver
Peak position: #3
Final week on chart: September 19, 1992
Chart run: 5-3-3-6-13-18-28-43-67-off (9 weeks)

Rest of the world

Australia: #9
Austria: #6
Belgium (Flanders): #5
Canada: #1
European Hot 100 Singles: #2
Finland: #1
France: #5
Germany: #6
Ireland: #2
Italy: #1
Japan: #59
Netherlands: #8
Norway: #3
South Africa: #4
Spain: #6
Sweden: #1
Switzerland: #6

“This used to be my playground” is Madonna’s 32th single and 27th released in the United States. It’s the central theme from the film “A league of their own”,  starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnel and Madonna herself. The movie was quite successful, passing the 100 million mark, and the song eventually became Madonna’s 10th chart topper and 23th Top 10 single. In addition, it was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and earned a Gold certification by the R.I.A.A. It’s interesting to note that this is a weird case of a single going number one on the Hot 100 without hitting the top in neither the Hot 100 Singles sales or the Hot 100 Airplay chart. For such a big hit, it’s weird that Madonna has never performed the song live, and it wasn’t featured in any of her albums until her greatest ballad hits compilation “Something to remember” in 1995.

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