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(Written by Madonna. Producer: John “Jellybean” Benítez)
Released by Sire Records on October 3, 1985

Found in:
Vision Quest Sountrack (1985)

Certification: NONE

Live performances on Tour:
The Virgin Tour (1985)


UK Singles
Debut date: October 12, 1985
Peak date: October 26, 1985
Peak: #4
Final week on chart: January 4, 1986
Chart run: 20-7-4-5-8-14-22-38-50-60-72-off-61-off (12 weeks)

Rest of the world

Australia: #10
Belgium: #10
France: #33
Netherlands: #7
Germany: #25
Ireland: #3
Italy: #3
Japan: #12
Norway: #9
New Zealand: #45
Switzerland: #23

Worldwide Sales: 600,000

“Gambler” is Madonna’s 12th single release and 2nd single from the Vision Quest Soundtrack. This was her second single without a proper release in the United States, but saw the light in many other markets, becoming another hit for Madonna. It is the last promoted Madonna single penned only by her and probably the only single from her not found in any of her albums, it it only available on the film’s soundtrack. The video was entirely made from scenes from the movie but it also has a very energetic performance on The Virgin Tour (actually one of my favorite numbers from this tour), but sadly it remains a forgotten gem among Madonna’s 80’s singles.

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