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Material girl

(Written by Peter Brown & Robert Rans. Producer: Nile Rodgers)
Released by Sire Records on January 30, 1985

Home album: Like a virgin (1984)

Also found in:
The Immaculate Collection (1990)
Celebration (2009)

Certification: None
B-Side: “Pretender

Live performances on Tour:
The Virgin Tour (1985)
The Who’s that girl Tour (1987)
The Blond Ambition Tour (1990)
The Reinvention Tour (2004)


Billboard Hot 100
Debut Date: February 9, 1985
Peak date: March 23 to March 30, 1985
Final week on chart: June 1, 1985
Peak: #2 (2 weeks)
Chart run: 43-34-24-18-5-3-2-2-3-5-13-23-37-50-60-91-100-off (17 weeks)

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 (March 23, 1985)
1. “Can’t fight this feeling” – REO SPEEDWAGON
2. “Material girl” – MADONNA
3. “One more night” – PHIL COLLINS
4. “The heat is on” – GLENN FREY
5. “Too late for goodbyes” – JULIAN LENNON
6. “Lover girl” – TEENA MARIE
7. “Private dancer” – TINA TURNER
8. “High on you” – SURVIVOR
9. “Only the young” – JOURNEY (Vision Quest Soundtrack)

Hot 100 Single Sales
Debut date: March 2, 1985
Peak date: March 23, 1985

Final week on chart: April 27, 1985
Peak: #3
Chart run: 21-18-6-3-4-3-9-12-19-off (9 weeks)

Hot 100 Airplay
Debut date: February 23, 1985
Peak date: March 23, 1985
Final week on chart: April 27, 1985
Peak: #2 (3 weeks)
Chart run: 19-14-5-6-2-2-2-4-11-22-off (10 weeks)

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
Debut date: March 2, 1985
Peak date: March 30, 1985
Final week on chart: April 27, 1985
Peak: #1 (1 week)
Chart run: 42-19-8-3-1-2-13-26-50-off (9 weeks)

Adult Contemporary
Debut date: April 20, 1985
Peak date: ?
Peak position: #38
Final week on chart: ?
Chart run: ?

Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles and Tracks
Debut date: March 2, 1985
Peak date: March 23, 1985
Peak position: #49
Final week on chart: May 4, 1985
Chart run: 79-68-60-49-49-54-54-59-65-96-off (10 weeks)

UK Singles
Debut date: March 2, 1985
Peak date: March 16, 1985
Peak: #3 (2 weeks)
Final week on chart: May 4, 1985
Certification: None
Chart run: 24-5-3-3-7-11-16-31-44-66-off (10 weeks)

Rest of the world
Australia: #4
Canada: #4
Japan (International Chart) #2
Belgium: #3
Eurochart Hot 100 Singles: #5
New Zealand: #5
Netherlands: #7
Germany: #13
Ireland: #3
Finland: #5
Austria: #8
France: #47
Norway: #8
Spain: #10
Switzerland: #15
Italy: #18

Worldwide Sales: 1,440,000

Material girl is Madonna’s 7th single release and the second from “Like a virgin”. This single was the perfect match to “Like a virgin” and many critics commented that both songs were so powerful, they overshadow the rest of the album. And in a way there were right, “Material girl” not only would become another signature song for Madonna, it would also became the nickname in which she’s always referred to by the press, and the one Madonna hates the most. She has consistently said how much she regrets recording those songs because of that, but her career would not have been the same without them either, kind of like a can’t live with or without you situation.

The video shot by Borderline and Like a virgin director, Mary Lambert, became another landmark for Madonna, shows her mimicking a scene from Marilyn Monroe’s “Gentlemen prefer blonds”, and it was a brilliant choice for a video. While Madonna has been compared to death to Marilyn, she never denied the comparisons and the inspiration she got from her, but she stated that she was very different from Marilyn, saying that she is in control of herself, and has no plans of becoming a victim like her. The ultimate message of the video is Madonna rejecting all the material things that are given to her and choosing love over posessions.

“Material girl” was Madonna’s third nominated video of her career. It obtained two nominations at the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards and her first Best female video nomination. These were: Best Female Video (lost to Tina Turner, What’s love got to do with it) and Best Choreography (lost to Elton John, Sad songs).

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