Drowned World/Substitute for love

(Written by Madonna/William Orbit/Rod McKuen/Anita Kerr/David Collins. Producer: Madonna/William Orbit)
Released by Maverick Records in August 24, 1998

Found in:
Ray of light (1998)
GHV2 (2001)

Live performances on Tour:
The Drowned World Tour (2001)
The Confessions Tour (2006)


UK Official Top 100 Singles
Debut date: September 5, 1998
Peak date: September 5, 1998
Sales: 90,600 copies (Aug 2008)
Certification: None
Sales Peak: #10
Airplay Peak: #41
Final week on chart: October 3, 1998
Chart run: 10-27-40-50-66
off (5 weeks)

Rest of the world
Australia: #1
Austria: #3
Canada: #18

France: #3
Germany: #12
Italy: #12

Japan: #12
Netherlands: #43
New Zealand: #2
Spain: #1
Sweden: #12
Switzerland: #33

“Drowned World/Substitute” was the third worldwide single release from Madonna’s 7th studio album “Ray of light”. It wasn’t released in the United States. It’s the song that opens the album and it sets the mood instantly; the lyrical and musical departure from Madonna’s previous work is noticeable at first listen. Personally one of my all-time Madonna favorites, for me there’s a before and after with “Drowned World”, it’s like saying goodbye to the past while embracing a luminous future. Even though it wasn’t a huge success on the charts, it even managed to top the charts in Spain and Australia, and went Top 10 in some countries, including the UK. The video ignited a small controversy, as it was compared with the same scenario in Princess Diana’s death a year earlier; the video has Madonna being chased by paparazzi on motorcycles, but overall it’s her interpretation on fame and love.

The song has been performed on the Drowned World Tour and the Confessions Tour, as well as in some TV shows in Europe that were part of her promotional Tour in 1998.

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