Ray of light

Madonna-Ray of light

(Written by Madonna/Wiiliam Orbit/Clive Muldoon/Dave Curtiss/Christine Leach. Producer: Madonna/William Orbit)
Released by Maverick Records. in May 6, 1998

Found in:
Ray of light (1998)
GHV2 (2001)
Celebration (2009)

Certification: GOLD
Soundscan: 610,025 copies (06/2006)
Downloads: 212,805 (11/2008) 

Live performances:
The Drowned World Tour (2001)
The Confessions Tour (2006)
The Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008-2009)


Billboard Hot 100
Debut Date: July 11, 1998
Peak date: July 11, 1998
Final week on chart: November 21, 1998
Peak: #5
Chart run: 5-7-8-9-16-21-26-32-34-39-41-40-43-52-49-56-58-59-63-71-off (20 weeks)

Hot 100 Single Sales
Debut date: July 11, 1998
Peak date: July 11-25, 1998
Final week on chart: February 20, 1999
Peak: #5 (3 weeks)
Chart run:
 5-5-5-6-12-19-21-24-28-33-32-27-30-35-41-45-47-52-50-55-56-65-63-63-55-56-56-50-46-54-63-72-70-off (33 weeks)

Hot 100 Airplay
Debut date: May 16, 1998
Peak date: June 20, 1998
Final week on chart: August 15, 1998
Peak: #26
Chart run: 72-47-38-35-31-26-30-30-29-32-49-63-71-71
-off (14 weeks)

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
Debut date: May 23, 1998
Peak date: June 20-July 11, 1998
Final week on chart: August 22, 1998
Peak: #1 (4 weeks)
Chart run: 27-10-4-2-1-1-1-1-2-8-15-22-31-45-off (14 weeks)

Hot Dance Music/Maxi Singles Sales
Debut date: July 4, 1998
Peak date: July 11, 1998
Final week on chart: February 19, 2000
Peak: #2
Chart run: 39-2-4-4-4-4-4-4-3-3-5-5-3-4-7-8-8-9-8-8-10-10-13-13-14-17-15-13-11-11-16-19-22-17-23-24-22-22-23-26-27-33-35-38-37-44-49-off-46-42-50-46-47-off-47-42-47-44-47-off-47-48-off-47-46-off-47-off-off-off-off-46-50-49-off-48-44-43-44-off-off-off-off-off-45-45-off (72 weeks)

Top 40 Mainstream
Debut Date: May 23, 1998
Peak Date: June 20, 1998
Final Week on Chart: August 15, 1998
Peak Position: #13
Chart run: 31-20-17-15-13-14-13-13-14-22-29-34-39-off (13 weeks)

Rhythmic Top 40
Debut Date: May 30, 1998
Peak Date: July 4, 1998
Final Week on Chart: July 25, 1998
Peak Position: #32
Chart run: 40-34-33-33-33-32-32-37-37-off (9 weeks)

Adult Top 40
Debut Date: July 25, 1998
Peak Date: July 25, 1998
Final Week on Chart: July 25, 1998
Peak Position: #39
Chart run: 39-off (1 week)

UK Official Top 100 Singles
Debut date: May 9, 1998
Peak date: May 9, 1998
Sales: 275,000 copies (Aug 2008)
Certification: SILVER
Sales Peak: #2
Airplay Peak: #3
Final week on chart: July 18, 1998
Chart run: 2-8-12-13-22-33-40-49-59-off-75
off (10 weeks)

Rest of the world
Australia: #6
Austria: #31
Belgium (Flanders): #25
Belgium (Wallonia): #33
Canada: #3
Eurochart Hot 100 Singles: #9
Finland: #2
France: #18
Germany: #28
Ireland: #16
Italy: #2

Japan: #5
Netherlands: #17
New Zealand: #9
Spain: #1
Sweden: #14
Switzerland: #32

“Ray of light” is the second single released from Madonna’s 7th studio album “Ray of light”. It is her 51th single release overall and 42nd in the United States. It could easily be considered now as one of Madonna’s most groundbreaking and signature songs, the up tempo track didn’t sound like anything else on the radio at the time, giving her a completely new and fresh sound. It was praised by critics alike and it was well received by the public, although it wasn’t as succesful as the previous comeback single, “Frozen”. “Ray of light” made its debut in Billboard at #5, her greatest debut at the time, thanks to the big sales generated by the single. On the dance charts it spent an incredible run of four weeks at number one. It’s also her most Grammy nominated single, in 1999 it earned a nomination for Record of the Year, and won the awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Short Form Music Video.

The music video directed by Jonas Akerlund was also heavily nominated on the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, with eight nominations and five wins including: Best Editing, Best Choreography, Best Direction in a video, Best Female Video (her third award) and Video of the year (her first and only so far), becoming the most awarded artist of the night and her most awarded video ever. The song has also become a standard in her live shows, having been performed at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, The Oprah Show, Live 8, Live Earth and three of her concert tours. 

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