You must love me

(Written by Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber. Producer: Nigel Wright/Andrew Lloyd Webber/Alan Parker/David Caddick)
Released by Warner Bros. in October 27, 1996

Found in:
Evita OST (1996)

Certification: GOLD
Soundscan: 575,000 copies (06/2006)   

Live performances:
Academy Awards (1997)
The Sticky & Sweet  Tour (2008-2009)


Billboard Hot 100
Debut Date: November 16, 1996
Peak date: November 23-30, 1996
Final week on chart: March 29, 1997
Peak: #18
Chart run: 22-18-18-21-24-30-28-24-23-27-28-33-32-40-45-49-60-68-76-81-off (20 weeks)

Hot 100 Single Sales
Debut date: November 16, 1996
Peak date: January 25, 1997
Final week on chart: April 19, 1997
Peak: #14
Chart run:
 24-18-17-18-20-22-19-19-18-15-14-15-16-20-26-29-38-50-61-off-off-68-70-off (21 weeks)

Hot 100 Airplay
Debut date: October 26, 1996
Peak date: November 2, 1996
Final week on chart: December 21, 1996
Peak: #25
Chart run: 56-25-29-28-27-35-42-58-75
-off (9 weeks)

Adult Contemporary
Debut date: November 9, 1996
Peak date: November 30-December 7, 1996
Final week on chart: February 15, 1997
Peak: #15
Chart run: 24-19-16-15-15-16-19-19-23-off-26-25-25-24-29-off (14 weeks)

Top 40 Mainstream
Debut Date: November 11, 1995
Peak Date: December 9, 1995
Final Week on Chart: December 7, 1996
Peak Position: #23
Chart run: 32-26-24-23-27-31-off (6 weeks)

Adult Top 40
Debut Date: November 2, 1996
Peak Date: November 30, 1996
Final Week on Chart: January 4, 1997
Peak Position: #23
Chart run: 33-26-25-24-23-27-29-29-35-40-off (10 weeks)

Hot 100 Recurrent Singles
Debut Date: April 5, 1997
Peak Date: April 5, 1997
Final Week on Chart: April 5, 1997
Peak Position: #26
Chart run: 26off (1 week)

UK Official Top 100 Singles
Debut date: November 2, 1996
Peak date: November 2, 1996
Sales: 90,000 copies
Sales Peak: #10
Airplay Peak: #43
Final week on chart: November 23, 1996
Chart run: 10-24-39-61
-off  (4 weeks)

Rest of the world
Australia: #11
Belgium (Wallonia): #50
Canada: #11
Finland: #4
France: #41
Italy: #4

Sweden: #49
Switzerland: #43

“You must love me” was the first single released from the Soundtrack to the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “Evita”, featuring Madonna, Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Pryce in leading roles. It is her 47th single release overall and 39th in the United States. This is the only new song written and recorded for the film version, as it didn’t appear in the original Broadway performance. The song earned great reviews for Madonna, as she delivered one of the best vocal performances of her career with this song and the Evita Soundtrack. She performed the song at The Academy Awards and it won the Oscar  for Best Original Song, as well as the Golden Globe, becoming the second song performed by Madonna to win both awards. The simple and elegant video directed by Alan Parker features Madonna all dressed in black, singing behind a piano, as she was already 8 months pregnant. She first performed this song on tour at the Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2008-2009. 

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