Crazy for you

(Written by John Bettis & John Lind. Producer: John “Jellybean” Benítez)
Released by Sire Records on March 2, 1985

Home album: Vision Quest Soundtrack Album (1985)

Also found in:
The Immaculate Collection (1990)
Something to remember (1995)
Celebration (2009)

Certification: GOLD (1,000,000 copies)
B-Side: “Gambler

Live performances on Tour:
The Virgin Tour (1985)
The Reinvention Tour (2004)


Billboard Hot 100
Debut Date: March 2, 1985
Peak date: May 11, 1985
Final week on chart: July 20, 1985
Peak: #1 (1 week)
Chart run: 55-42-32-20-9-4-3-2-2-2-1-2-6-13-22-30-46-60-76-84-91-off (21 weeks)

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 (May 11, 1985)
1. “Crazy for you” – MADONNA
2.  “We Are The World” USA For Africa
3.  “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” Simple Minds
4.  “Rhythm of The Night” Debarge
5.  “One Night In Bangkok” Murray Head
6.  “Some Like It Hot” The Power Station
7.  “Smooth Operator” Sade
8.  “Everything She Wants” Wham!
9. “Obsession” Animotion
10.  “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” 
Tears For Fears

Hot 100 Single Sales
Debut date: March 16, 1985
Peak date: April 20, 1985

Final week on chart: June 22, 1985
Peak: #2 (3 weeks)
Chart run: 24-29-14-7-3-2-2-2-4-5-8-14-20-23-28-off (15 weeks)

Hot 100 Airplay
Debut date: March 23, 1985
Peak date: May 11, 1985
Final week on chart: June 8, 1985
Peak: #1 (1 week)
Chart run: 16-6-4-3-2-2-2-1-2-5-14-22-off (12 weeks)

Adult Contemporary
Debut date: March 16, 1985
Peak date: May 4, 1985
Peak position: #2
Final week on chart: July 6, 1985
Chart run: 22-18-11-6-5-4-3-2-3-4-4-7-9-18-23-29-?-off (17 weeks)

Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles and Tracks
Debut date: May 11, 1985
Peak date: May 11, 1985
Peak position: #80
Final week on chart: May 25, 1985
Chart run: 80-80-95-off (3 weeks)

UK Singles
Debut date: June 8, 1985
Peak date: June 29, 1985
Peak: #2
Final week on chart: September 14, 1985
Certification: GOLD (400,000 copies)
Chart run: 25-9-3-2-3-3-5-6-12-15-19-24-31-42-59-off (15 weeks)
(Re-entry) March 02, 1991: 2-2-4-14-23-34-55-74-off (8 weeks/23 weeks total)

Rest of the world
Australia: #1
Canada: #1
Japan (International Chart) #4
Belgium: #13
Eurochart Hot 100 Singles: #6
New Zealand: #2
Netherlands: #11
Germany: #26
Ireland: #2
Austria: #23
France: #47
Spain: #17
Sweden: #13
Switzerland: #16
Italy: #15

Worldwide Sales: 2,275,000

Crazy for you is Madonna’s 8th single release and first single from a film’s soundtrack (Vision Quest, where Madonna played a small part as a club singer), which meant at the time the song was not available on any Madonna album, although it was later added to The Immaculate Collection (1990), then Something to remember (1995) and finally on Celebration (2009). “Crazy for you” became Madonna’s second number one single in the USA and also it was her first ballad released as a single. It was a new musical direction for Madonna and showcased a different side of her the general public wasn’t aware of, in that sense it put Madonna in a more adult level compared to her previous recordings.

The popularity of this song was enormous, but even so it took time to hit the top spot, as “We are the world” was parked at the summit of the Billboard Hot 100, but it was capable of taking the lead for one week. This song marked also the first Grammy nomination for Madonna, for Best Female Pop Vocal performance in 1986, losing to Whitney Houston. In a time when Madonna wasn’t taken seriously by the industry, this was a big step towards that longed recognition. The video on the other side is made up entirely of film clips, so there’s nothing groundbreaking here.

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